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3/23 Update: Building and Mail Room Closures

This message is to provide staff and faculty with guidance on building and delivery protocols during this time of reduced in-person operations on campus.

Some important points to consider:

  • Make sure your doors are locked in your office while you are there and especially if you are not, double check the door is locked when you exit.  If your windows lock, lock them too.
  • Keep your building locked, people who need access should have keys to get in.  Double check the door as you leave to make sure it locked behind you.
  • Anyone working on campus should carry their UF ID with them.
  • I will not be reporting your building as “closed” as indicated in the memo below, if you have a person there for the purpose of receiving essential deliveries.
  • If your building is closed (no one coming in), please let me know.
  • It is expedient that you keep things locked because opportunists have already been on campus and we have experienced 2 thefts.
  • If you are still on campus you might want to consider taking any personal valuables home.
  • UPD is checking buildings daily to make sure they are locked.
  • If you find that something has been taken, or you see an unknown person in your building, or any suspicious activity, please call 392-1111 and ask for the designated supervisor.  I spoke to Major Brad Barber this morning to confirm all of the above.

Protocols for buildings and building security

Many of our campus buildings, both academic and administrative, will remain open during this period and it is important to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of people and property.  We understand that many faculty and staff are still accessing buildings to conduct online courses as well as to attend to other regular business. It is vital that this work continue.

If there is a building that your department plans to close completely, we ask that you notify Procurement at of the building name and street address so that UF contract suppliers that deliver to campus frequently (such as Fisher, Airgas and Mister Paper) will be notified.   We also ask that you notify Facilities Services of any planned building closures by emailing  If you have plans to shut down a laboratory, please contact EH&S at with information including: the principal investigator’s name, email, and phone number, a secondary point of contact, the building and room numbers, and the expected shut down date.

As some employees move to remote working locations and vacate their offices, please make sure that unnecessary equipment, e.g., coffee makers, are turned off.  Please note that multifunctional copiers should remain plugged in.  Please also turn off all lights and make sure that windows are closed and locked where possible. Further information related to remote work and teaching is available at  You may check with your local IT support unit should you need additional guidance.

With reduced operations, some departments may find the need to secure entrances, doors, labs, and buildings that are normally open during the semester. Buildings that do not have electronic access control and need to be secured should be locked by department personnel or notify UPD for assistance.    University Police will patrol and check building perimeter doors daily to ensure they are secured.

For buildings that are controlled by the Lenel Access Control System, departments may wish to limit card access to the Lenel system. Please be prepared to secure your buildings via the Lenel system administration tool and/or alarm monitoring as needed. Some steps that you may take in this regard include modifying your system’s time zones to reduce or eliminate access to the building.  Should you require any assistance in modifying building access control, please place a software support ticket on the Lenel Sharepoint site and the UF Physical Security Team will contact you with additional assistance.

For additional security, in the future, UF employees may be asked to carry and display their Gator 1 identification card while on campus.

Protocols for mail service

Mail service is currently operating on a normal schedule.  Mail is being delivered and picked up from departments as usual.   If a department no longer requires mail delivery, mail can be held at the campus postal facility located at 3030 Radio Rd. A department representative must notify mail services by telephone or e-mail to make arrangements. Contact information:  Sylvia West, Postal Manager; e-mail: .

If a department desires to pick up mail at the postal facility, the department representative must notify mail services by e-mail indicating the individual(s) authorized to pick up mail and a copy of their Gator 1 identification card. Individuals picking up mail must present their Gator 1 identification card.

FedEx and UPS deliveries are decentralized, therefore the departments are responsible for stopping or redirecting these shipments.

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