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Curriculum Development

Any new degree program or modifications to existing undergraduate and graduate curricula (majors, minors, certificates, courses, concentrations, including thesis and non-thesis degrees) must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval.

Academic Approval Tracking

All curricular actions taken at the University of Florida are coordinated through the Academic Approval Tracking System, at

Via this function on the Academic Approval Tracking System, you can create, modify or close a

  • course
  • degree program
  • major in an existing degree program
  • new track/specialization/concentration for an existing major
  • minor
  • certificate

You can also:

  • apply for a General Education or Writing Requirement
  • submit an Academic Learning Compact or Academic Assessment Plan


Once you have initiated your action, you will use this function of the Academic Approval Tracking System for

  • modifying initiatives in response to instructions from the College Curriculum Committee and the University Curriculum Committee
  • checking the progress of your initiatives through the system


Under this function, the Academic Approval Tracking System has information on

  • syllabus requirements (including a sample syllabus)
  • special requirements for co-listed graduate and undergraduate courses
  • external consultations
  • certificates


Under this function, the Academic Approval Tracking System has

  • a FAQ
  • criteria for evaluation of new academic programs
  • UCC2 form instructions
  • flowcharts

In all cases, the CLAS Associate Dean in charge of curriculum (currently Joseph Spillane, 352-273-4067) is available for guidance in planning curricular modifications or reform and navigating the Academic Approval Tracking System.

Guidelines for writing course catalog descriptions (PDF)