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Exchange Programs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encourages students to enhance their education by studying at universities around the world. To that end, the College is proud to offer exchange programs in every hemisphere. Please note that students accepted on an Exchange pay UF TUITION (all scholarships, including Bright Futures, fellowships, and financial aid remain exactly the same as the student currently pays). Tuition at the host University is waived. There are no additional fees for Exchanges (outside of the UFIC application fee)

The College currently has exchange programs with universities in the following countries:

What is it like going on an exchange during a pandemic?

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The below Exchange programs are open to any CLAS major, including science majors and students who are pre-health

Tuition at the below Universities is waived for exchange students. Students participating in an exchange pay tuition directly to the University of Florida at their usual tuition rate. All financial aid, scholarships, and fellowships are applicable. Students incur no additional tuition cost while they are on an exchange.