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A top priority of our college is to enhance students’ UF education with life-changing study abroad experience. Our goals are to:

  • Build new curricula on the research and teaching of other cultures that bridge languages and literatures to the study of societies.
  • Foster collaboration of scholars across global boundaries, including building reciprocal study abroad programs in order to bring more international students to UF.
  • Provide international leadership in our areas of expertise, as well as through our geo-political responsibilities and our special connections to Africa and the Americas.

Information for Faculty

Exchange Programs –¬†all CLAS majors including science and pre-health majors

Interested in an exchange program in which you spend a semester to the academic year abroad and pay UF tuition? Learn more about the program.

Exchange Program Info

Study Abroad programs are available in the following countries:

By Department or Center:

African Studies: UF in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania); Ethiopia, (UF in Fez (Morocco); UF in Kenya; UF in Madagascar; UF in South Africa; UF in Uganda

Anthropology: Ethiopia

Biology: UF in Madagascar, UF in Merida

Center for European Studies: UF in Brussels (Belgium); UF in Prague (Czech Republic); UF in Salzburg (Austria)

History: UF in Cambridge (United Kingdom); Munich, Germany; Paris, France

Center for Jewish Studies: UF in London (United Kingdom)

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: UF in Chengdu (China); UF in Rome (Italy); UF in Japan; UF in Moscow (Russia)

Spanish and Portuguese Studies: UF in Barcelona (Spain), UF in Cuzco (Peru), UF in Dominican Republic, UF in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), UF in Seville (Spain), UF in Valencia (Spain)

Fieldwork Photos

Stories from Our Global Gators