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A top priority of our college is to enhance students’ UF education with life-changing study abroad experience. Our goals are to:

  • Build new curricula on the research and teaching of other cultures that bridge languages and literatures to the study of societies.
  • Foster collaboration of scholars across global boundaries, including building reciprocal study abroad programs in order to bring more international students to UF.
  • Provide international leadership in our areas of expertise, as well as through our geo-political responsibilities and our special connections to Africa and the Americas.

Information for Faculty

Stories from Our Global Gators

Study Abroad programs are available in the following countries:

Looking for Exchange Programs?

By Department or Center:

African Studies: UF in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania); Ethiopia, (UF in Fez (Morocco); UF in Kenya; UF in Madagascar; UF in South Africa; UF in Uganda

Anthropology: Ethiopia

Biology: UF in Madagascar, UF in Merida

Center for European Studies: UF in Brussels (Belgium); UF in Prague (Czech Republic); UF in Salzburg (Austria)

History: UF in Cambridge (United Kingdom); Munich, Germany; Paris, France

Center for Jewish Studies: UF in London (United Kingdom)

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: UF in Chengdu (China); UF in Rome (Italy); UF in Japan; UF in Moscow (Russia)

Spanish and Portuguese Studies: UF in Barcelona (Spain), UF in Cuzco (Peru), UF in Dominican Republic, UF in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), UF in Seville (Spain), UF in Valencia (Spain)

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