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FAQs — Undergrad Scholarships

Can I apply for more than one Dean’s Office scholarship?

No. You may only apply for one scholarship through the Dean’s Office. That said, we recommend reviewing the requirements for each and applying for the one that you feel you are most qualified for.

Where do I submit my completed application?

You may submit your completed application to the Dean’s Office. Our office is located on the 2nd floor of Turlington Hall in room 2014. No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

I’m in the Innovation Academy. Can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you will be a full-time student (taking at least 12 credits), you are eligible to apply. If selected as a recipient, you will be given your award during the summer term.

What if I am graduating before this fall (or this summer if in Innovation Academy)?

If you’re not going to be enrolled at UF as a full-time student in the relevant term, then you will be unable to apply for a scholarship.

I received a Dean’s Office scholarship last year. Am I allowed to reapply for the same one?

Yes. As long as you will be a full-time student, you are welcome to reapply for a scholarship that you previously received or a different one.

Should I submit a resume or cover letter with my application?

No. The only things that need to be submitted are the scholarship application and copy of your unofficial transcripts. Resumes and cover letters will be discarded.

When will I be notified about if I received a scholarship?

All scholarship applicants, regardless of decision, will be notified of their status in early March.

I’m not in my third year at UF yet, but my audit codes me as 3LS. Can I still apply for the ‘Junior’ scholarships?

No. Unless you are in your 5th or 6th semester at UF and have previously taken at least 48 UF credits (if required), you are not eligible to apply for the ‘Junior’ scholarships.

I just transferred to UF. Can I apply for the ‘Junior’ scholarships?

You may apply for a scholarship requiring “Junior” status as long as you have already completed (1) full-time semester at UF. If your first semester is Spring, then you are ineligible to apply for a “Junior” scholarship.

I’m having trouble making it over to the Dean’s Office. Can I submit my application via email?

Due to the large number of applicants each year, we can no longer receive applications via email.
You must submit your application in person at 2014 Turlington Hall. The only exception to this is if you are studying abroad during the Spring semester. If so, contact the Scholarships Coordinator immediately.

I don’t know which scholarship to apply for. What would you recommend?

Unfortunately we do not have enough scholarships to award to the amount of applicants that we receive each year. It is up to you to decide which scholarship you feel most qualified for and think you have the best chance of winning.

I have a question not listed here.

Contact the Scholarship Coordinator in the Dean’s Office at (352) 392-0780 or