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2014 Anderson Scholars Faculty Honorees

University faculty designated as outstanding by the 2014 Anderson Scholar award winners.

Joslyn AhlgrenApplied Physiology and Kinesiology
Lori AltmannSpeech Language and Hearing Sciences
Alex AngerhoferChemistry
Lokenga BadingaAnimal Science
Juliana BarrHistory
Todd BestComputer and Information Science and Engineering
Russell BowersChemistry
Michael BraddockMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Susana BraylanSpanish and Portuguese Studies
Joel BrendemuhlCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences Associate Dean
Thomas BufordAging and Geriatric Research, College of Medicine
Ronald CastellanoChemistry
Alin CeobanuSociology and Criminology and Law
Anuj ChauhanChemical Engineering
Alessia ColarossiLanguages, Literatures and Cultures
Dianne CothranUniversity Writing Program
Darragh DevinePsychology & Neuroscience
Daniel DickrellCollege of Engineering
Christopher FalkAccounting
Kate FletcherFamily, Youth, and Community Sciences
Caitlin GallinganeSchool of Teaching and Learning
Nicole GerlachBiology
Norman GodaJewish Studies
Elizabeth GrahamVoice
Hitomi GreensletMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
David GroisserMathematics
Karl GugelElectrical and Computer Engineering
Michelle GumzMedicine
Youssef HaddadLanguages, Literatures and Cultures
Stephen HagenPhysics
Mark HostetlerWildlife Ecology & Conservation
Matthew JacobsHistory
Melissa JohnsonHonors
Victor Jordan-OrozcoSpanish
Darlene KertesPsychology
Marcus KirkAccounting
Andrea KrafftEnglish
Lora LevettSociology, Criminology & Law
Ashley MacSuga-GageSchool of Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
Charles MartinChemistry
Gabriel MayoraEnglish
Kim McCallDial Center for Written and Oral Communication
Stuart McDanielBiology
Lisa McElwee-WhiteChemistry
Elaina MercatorisEnglish
Stephen MillerChemistry
Michael MiyamotoBiology (Genetics)
Gregory MorelandSpanish
Christopher MortensenAnimal Sciences
Mary-Ann NelsonSchool of Special Education
Steven NollHistory
KaTosha O'DanielEnglish/Writing Program
Eric OlsonInformation Technology Support Programs
Todd PalmerBiology
Chang-Won ParkChemical Engineering
Charles ParksPhysics
Jason PortmessOrganic Chemistry
David PrevattCivil and Coastal Engineering
Anil RaoAerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Churchill RobertsTelecommunications
Leah RosenbergEnglish
Mark RushEconomics
Nancy RuzyckiMaterials Science & Engineering
Manu SamnotraPolitical Theory
Kathy SarraSchool of Theatre and Dance
Zachary SeldenPolitical Science
Andrew SelepakCommunications
Charles SimsFood Science and Human Nutrition
Daniel SmithPolitical Science
Matthew SmithGeology
Pamela SoltisBiology
Walter StarrAdvertising
Jon StewartChemistry
Stuart StromePolitical Science
Anastacia UlanowiczEnglish
Yasuo UotateLanguages, Literatures and Cultures
Diego ValderramaFood and Resource Economics
Thomas WaltzekInfectious Diseases and Pathology
Mary WattLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures
Marta WayneBiology
Becky WeberNursing
Stephanie WebsterWritten and Oral Communication

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