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Online Course Prep Resources

General Info and Questions:

  1. The main hub for Fall teaching and planning:
  2. A quick outline with key points to consider for transitioning to online:
  3. Daily Open Zoom meetings with the Center for Teaching Excellence to ask questions and their very helpful “quick tips guide on online course delivery”:

Canvas and E-Learning:

  1. For e-Learning questions, check the FAQ or contact eLearning Support :
  2. Self-Guided Online Resources/Walkthroughs:
  3. 3 Hour Trainings currently offered via Zoom. The next session dates are listed below, frequently only held once per month.
    1. JULY 14th Introductory Session – Build & Design–design-.html
    2. JULY 16th Intermediate Session – Facilitate & Engage–engage-.html
  4. Canvas Templates:

Other Online Tools Useful for Teaching:

  1. OneUF Courses, Class Rolls, and Canvas tie-ins for Grade submissions:
  2. Scheduling meetings and using Zoom either on the web or through Canvas:
  3. General page for all online trainings, everything from Accessibility to Mediasite to SPSS & R:

Teaching Practices / Course Adjustments:

  1. Questions regarding teaching practices or consultations on transitioning content to an online friendly format, please contact the Center for Instructional Technology and Training by Requesting Assistance on their webpage:
  2. Workshops & hosted events for various topics offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence:
  3. No Walls Teaching. Movement for creative online instruction.
    1. Overview of the project:
    2. Guided workshop for shifting content and preparing for Fall:

Technology Equipment for Classrooms and Computers

  1. General questions about Registrar controlled rooms with technical equipment:
  2. Departmentally controlled rooms or offices: Your departmental staff or