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Teaching and Advising Awards

The University of Florida recognizes its outstanding teachers and advisors from throughout the campus by awarding Teaching/Advising Awards, which are available to all colleges offering undergraduate instruction. These awards are to encourage and reward excellence, innovation, and effectiveness in either teaching or advising.


Teaching Awards

Terry Harpold, English
Patricia Hilliard-Nunn, African American Studies
Stephen Eikenberry, Astronomy
Brian Cahill, Psychology
Jennifer Wooten, Spanish & Portuguese

Advising Awards

Professional Advising:

Nigel Richardson, Academic Advising

Faculty Mentoring/Advising:

Teresa Mutahi, Biology < won UF Faculty Advisor/Mentor of the Year
Alyssa Zucker, Center for Gender, Sexualities, & Women’s Studies

Congratulations to all of the honorees. The University-wide 2020 Teacher/Adviser of the Year Awards will be announced later in the spring semester.

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