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Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Award

The Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund is designed to stimulate new or existing research activity in the humanities at the University of Florida. Learn about applying for the award.


  • Alix Johnson, Anthropology
  • Flora Iff-Noe,l Classics
  • Delia Steverson, English
  • Laura Gonzales, English
  • Rae Yan, English
  • Trevor Mowchun, English
  • Andrea Hoa Pham, Lang, Lit & Cultures
  • Helene Blondeau, Lang, Lit & Cultures
  • Stephan Kory, Lang, Lit & Cultures
  • Amber Ross, Philosophy
  • Andrew Janusz, Political Science
  • Juliana Restrepo, Sanin Political Science
  • Paul Gutierrez, Political Science
  • Sebastian Elischer, Political Science
  • Bron Taylor, Religion
  • Mario Poceski, Religion
  • Paola Uparela-Reyes, Spanish & Portugese
  • Imanol Suarez-Palma, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Elizabeth Garcia, Women’s Studies