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Awards and Recognition

Teaching and Advising Awards

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is now accepting nominations for the Undergraduate Teacher/Adviser of the Year awards for the current academic year. Nominate your favorite Liberal Arts and Sciences teacher or adviser for a teaching/advising award.

Nominations for awards need to be submitted no later than November 20, 2020.

Nomination Forms

Please return nomination forms to or bring them to 2014 Turlington Hall

View 2020 Teacher and Adviser Award Winners

Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund Winners

Recent Awards and Recognition

University Awards

The University of Florida recognizes excellence in teaching, advising, and research in several ways. In addition, top professors are named University Term Professors or UF Research Foundation Professors. Learn more about the University-level awards and meet their recipients in our college.

College Awards

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers named Term Professorships through private funding sources; in addition, it offers the Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Award to select faculty. Meet the recipients or learn how to apply for the HSE Award.

Named Chairs

Department Chairs


Peter Collings  


Elizabeth Lada  


Marta Wayne  


Lisa McElwee-White  


Mary Ann Eaverly  


Thomas Knight  


Sid Dobrin  


Jane Southworth  

Geological Sciences

David Foster  


Elizabeth Dale  

Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Akintunde Akinyemi  


Eric Potsdam  


Kevin Knudson  


John Palmer  


Kevin Ingersent  

Political Science

Dan Smith  


Julie Graber  


Terje Ostebo  

Sociology and Criminology & Law

Barbara Zsembik  

Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Gillian Lord  


Mike Daniels  

Centers and Program Chairs

Academic Advising

Joe Spillane  

African American Studies

Sharon Austin  

African Studies

Brenda Chalfin  

Bureau of Economic & Business Research

Christopher McCarty  

Dial Ctr Written & Oral Comm

Kellie Roberts  

European Studies

Amie Kreppel  

France-florida Research INST

Alioune Sow  

Graham Center Public Service

Matthew Jacobs  

Greek Studies

Kostas Kapparis  

Hindu Traditions

Vasudha Narayanan  

Humanities and the Public Sphere

Barbara Mennel  

International Studies

Matthew Jacobs  

Jewish Studies

Jack Kugelmass  

Land Use And Env. Change Institute

Mark Brenner  

Samuel Proctor Oral History

Paul Ortiz  

Teaching Center

Robert Bailey  

University Writing Program

Creed Greer  

Women’s Studies

Bonnie Moradi