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Research Opportunity Incentive Seed Fund

Deadline: December 7, 2007

New, faculty-initiated research programs that are multi-/interdisciplinary and that have the expectation and a reasonable plan for becoming externally-funded programs at the University of Florida.


Proposals should consist of the following materials in this sequence:

  1. Cover Page (DSR-1 form). Completed and signed by the PI, Co-PIs, the appropriate chairs, deans, directors, vice presidents.
  2. 2. Abstract. Explain the rationale for the work to be accomplished in terms that can be understood by an "intelligent non-expert."
  3. Project Description. Up to five (5) pages of text MAXIMUM describing the project. If proposals are longer than 5 pages, only the first 5 pages will be reviewed.
  4. References (maximum of 3 pages)
  5. Participants. A list of the individuals to be involved and details of their participation.
  6. A detailed budget and justification of expenses.
    1. Budgets should not exceed $100,000; most awards will be for less.
    2. The budget may include all normally allowable costs of research with the exception of faculty salaries and indirect costs. The percent effort of each participating faculty member must be included.
    3. Budgets may be for a period of one or two years.
    4. A specific start date should be given. If no start date is specified, the Office of Research will assume a start date of May 1, 2008.
  7. Plans to obtain continuing external support for the project. Proposals must specifically list the sources of external support that will be pursued following the seed money provided by the Research Opportunity Incentive Seed Fund; and/or:
  8. Description of the commercial potential, including a statement of potential market size and how the funding could increase the marketability of the technology.
  9. Current, brief (maximum of 3 pages) Curriculum Vitae or resume of the Principal Investigator and each of the Co-PIs (NIH- or NSF-style biosketch suggested) and a list of their currently funded research with percent time commitment to each funded project.
  10. Appendices, if necessary to support the proposal, should be brief (e.g., one reprint); please do not attach manuscripts or other lengthy documents.
  11. Submissions should be turned in to:

    Associate Dean for Research and Grants
    2014 Turlington Hall
    Phone : (352) 846-2230
    Fax: (352) 392-3584

Graduate Student Research Funding Support

Other possible funding sources for graduate students

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