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Can a post doctoral fellow be a PI on a federal or state grant?

University policy guidelines require post docs to have a person as identified in the RGP Researcher’s Manual as a Co-PI. See University Research-Related Policies/Eligibility to Submit a Proposal for External Funding

How do I request cost sharing from the college or Vice President of Research?

  1. Notify your chair and Associate Dean for Research of your intent to cost share. This can be done via email.
  2. Several weeks before proposal deadline provide a copy of the budget and brief summary of the proposal to the Associate Dean for Research along with the Department Chair’s endorsement. Again, this can be done via email or, if preferred, a meeting with the Associate Dean for Research.
  3. The Associate Dean for Research will assist in presenting the request to the VP.

Do I always have to submit a grant proposal through RGP?

Not always; grants involving human or animal subjects must be processed through RGP. Most foundation grants can be processed through RGP, however, several major foundations have been cultivated by UFF and will need to be processed through UFF rather than RGP. When in doubt, please contact Judy Harris, DSR, at or (352) 392-9267.

Do proposals to private foundations have to be submitted through RGP?

If the grant involves human or animal subjects, it must be processed through RGP. If you need to set up an account to pay personnel through the grant, process it through RGP. Otherwise, you are not required to submit through RGP.

How do I calculate “in-kind” cost sharing (use of salary or facilities)?

For salary, if the 9-month salary is $60,000 and the grant requires 10% effort, the calculation is 10% of $60,000 = $6000. The University strongly discourages cost sharing of space; 1) IDC covers space used in research and cannot be claimed twice 2) it is difficult to establish and document space “worth”.

Who can sign my DSR-1 form and how do I get it signed?

Can I get help in the development of major multi-investigator/cross college grants?

CLAS research office will help facilitate meetings and discussions.

Can I get funding to visit a program officer or granting agency?

Yes under ceratin conditions. Contact the Associate Dean for Research.

What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

When do I apply for IACUC approval?

All faculty, staff, and students using vertebrate animals or their tissues, regardless of location or funding, must obtain approval from the IACUC before funds can be released, or teaching laboratories or experiments begun. For more information, please review the IACUC page.

When do I apply for IRB02 approval?

All projects involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the University's Institutional Review Board before the planned research may begin.

Refer to the IRB02 meeting schedule.

What do I do about the 1% statutory cost sharing requirement for NSF proposals?

The 1% is the statutory requirement for the University. NO cost sharing is shown on the NSF budget. NO cost sharing forms are filled out. The new NSF cost sharing policy eliminates program specific cost sharing, and requires only the existing statutory cost sharing requirement (1%). The statutory cost sharing requirement applies to all proposals submitted in response to NSF program announcements and those submitted solely in response to the NSF Grant Proposal Guide. Once the award is made, C&G may contact the PI for the 1%.

Do I have to have medical emergency insurance to travel abroad on behalf of the University?

Yes, all faculty, staff and students traveling outside the US in conjunction with a UF program must enroll in the MEDEX Emergency Assistance Program. For details see

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