Kenneth Merz has won an award from the American Cehmical Society for using Quantum Mechanical methods with Molecular Mechanical(MM) methods to to study chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical problems.
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UF Professor Wins Award after Long Career Teaching History of Science

The History of Science Society has awarded the 2009 Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize for excellence in education to Frederick Gregory, professor of history of science at the University of Florida.

Gregory’s distinguished accomplishments as an educator in history of science range across a broad range of media, including not just conventional lectures, seminars, textbooks and Web resources but also film, television, DVD and theatrical role-play.

Through these activities, his rich insights from history of science in all periods have inspired many high school teachers and their students, as well as undergraduates, graduate students, scientists and the general public, said Robert J. Malone, executive director of the society and associate scholar for UF.

Gregory, who helped to start the history of science program at UF, is retiring this month after 31 years.

Gregory has been able to cultivate a high level of expertise in communicating history of science across diverse audiences, Malone said. For example, after his pre-collegiate lectures to students attending the Florida Foundation for Future Scientists program, seventh-graders have surrounded Gregory, unwilling to let him leave the building until all their questions have been answered, Malone said. And as one of his graduate students recalled, “I will always consider Dr. Gregory to be not only my intellectual mentor but one of my most important role models for teaching.”

Gregory is the author of numerous books and articles, including the textbook Natural Science in Western History with Wadsworth Publishing. He also appears in the audio-visual lecture courses History of Science: 1700-1900 and The Darwinian Revolution with The Teaching Company.

The History of Science Society, established in 1924, is the world’s largest society devoted to fostering interest in the history of science.



Robert J. Malone,, 352-392-1677

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