George Christou

Above: George Christou.

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George Christou

Head of the CLAS

George Christou, the Drago Professor of Chemistry, has been named the recipient of the 2008 Florida Award in Chemistry from the Florida Section of the American Chemical Society.  The award recognizes leadership and contributions that advance the profession of chemistry.

Christou has made notable contributions in the synthesis and study of molecular clusters of transition metals—particularly metal carboxylate clusters and their applications to bioinorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, and nanoscale magnetic materials. In the latter area, he has been a leader in the investigation of single-molecule magnetism, the ability of individual molecules to function as nanoscale magnetic particles.  These novel materials have many potential applications such as ultra-high-density information storage and quantum computing. 

“George has worked in several areas and with many metals during his career, but the unifying theme throughout has been his love for the structural aesthetics and physical properties of molecular species containing multiple metal ions,” said David Richardson, chemistry professor and CLAS Associate Dean for Research, who said he considers Christou “to be one of the top inorganic chemists of his generation.” 
Christou has over 420 peer-reviewed publications in a wide variety of journals in the chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and materials fields, as well as in the general science journals Nature and Science.

In addition to his research, Christou is fully engaged in the undergraduate and graduate teaching mission of the university.  He routinely teaches General Chemistry to undergraduates, in addition to a variety of graduate-level courses that include Bioinorganic Chemistry, Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I, and Molecular Magnetism. He also currently serves as an executive editor of Polyhedron and on the editorial board of Chemical Society Reviews

Christou will be honored during the Florida Award Lecture and Symposium at the Florida ACS Annual Meeting and Exposition (FAME 2008) to be held May 8–10 in Kissimmee.



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