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Dissertation Fellowships for CLAS Ph.D. Students Available for 2007

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites students pursuing the Ph.D. to apply for dissertation fellowships for the spring or summer terms of 2007. We expect fifteen fellowships to be available, and they will provide students with a stipend of $5000 per term and a waiver of tuition fees. Departments may supplement the dissertation fellowship if they wish, but the intent of the awards is to free students from the demands of a teaching assistantship.

In order to be eligible to hold a fellowship, students must have already been admitted to candidacy before January 1, 2007 U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents must be Florida residents (for tuition waiver purposes) by October 10, 2006to be eligible. (No such eligibility restrictions apply to international students.) Applicants should submit proposals to their department.

The Chair/Director should provide a cover letter that includes:

  1. Ranking of candidates if more than one.
  2. A statement as to whether the number submitted is for all applications to the department or resulted from a selection process in the department.
  3. A statement for each applicant as to progress in the program and expectant semester of earning the degree

The proposals should include:

  1. Cover sheet (please reproduce for your students) (doc)
  2. a 1 to 2 page description (single spaced) of the dissertation project and the work to be conducted with the dissertation fellowship. (These fellowships can be used to fund travel to archives.)
  3. two letters of endorsement from the faculty, with one being from the chair of the dissertation committee

Two copies of each proposal must be submitted by October 10, 2006. A faculty committee will review the proposals and awards will be announced by November 8, 2006.



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