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Kristin DetwilerThis article was Originally published in the April - May 2005 issue of CLASnotes.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council (CLASSC) is the representative body for all CLAS students and represents their interests and concerns when working with the administration. Our primary responsibility, however, is to manage budgets and provide guidance for our 27 member organizations.

I am proud to say that after a brief period of inactivity, CLASSC has experienced a phenomenal growth during the past year. We began the academic year with 21 student organizations, most of which were geared towards undergraduate students. In nine months, however, we gained six new organizations, with four primarily designed for graduate students, illustrating our commitment to representing the entire student body within CLAS. Our organizations, unlike other college councils, vary greatly across the academic spectrum, ranging from the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society to the Political Science Graduate Student Council to the Students in the Healing Arts. Through our member organizations and using Student Government funds, we have been able to bring 13 guest speakers to UF, host eight conferences here, send 95 students to conferences elsewhere, and have sponsored 10 other events on campus.

Internally, CLASSC has been able to put on a number of events itself. We participated in the Homecoming Parade for the second year in a row and plan to do so again this fall. We also organized our second Majors Fair this past fall. Structured like an organizational fair, this event gives CLAS an opportunity to showcase its departments and centers to incoming and returning students who are undecided majors. It also gives our member organizations a chance to recruit new members among those who are already part of their department. Another recurring activity that CLASSC continued this year was the CLAS Hall of Fame. This award is given to six graduating seniors to recognize scholarship, campus involvement and leadership, and service to CLAS and UF. The award winners will be recognized in front of their peers at the undergraduate commencement ceremony on April 30.

In addition to continuing existing programs, CLASSC instituted three new events this year, all of which were aimed to increase our relationships with other organizations on campus. First, we held the Gator Town Hall Meeting with the Benton Engineering Council to facilitate student interaction with university administrators, including CLAS Dean Neil Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Rollo, CLAS Associate Dean for Student Affairs Albert Matheny, and Associate Provost and Honors Program Director Sheila Dickison. Second, we held a spring barbecue with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the Warrington College of Business. With more than 150 students in attendance, this event was a huge success. Finally, we brought in a speaker in conjunction with the Volunteers for International Student Affair's International Month to speak on the tsunami disaster in Eastern Asia and its impact on the communities of the region.

CLASSC is extremely proud of everything it and its member organizations have accomplished during the 2004-2005 academic year. We hope to continue in our endeavor to assist students of all levels in enhancing their collegiate experience. We encourage students to contact CLASSC if they would like more information on how to become involved or if they have any concerns they would like to see addressed in the future. Please visit our website.

2005-2006 CLASSC Officers

—Kristin Detwiler
2004-2005 CLASSC President

Jane Dominguez

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