Sample CLAS Cost Sharing Memorandum

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To: Office for Research and Graduate Programs, Proposal Processing

From: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

This memorandum documents cost sharing for the proposal entitled "(Title of Grant)" submitted to (Agency) by Principal Investigator (PI name) of the (Department/Center).

(Name of person cost-sharing on grant.) will be devoting (percent of effort given) with (percent of funding requested) salary reimbursement from the grant. The college and department approve this as a reasonable estimate of time this individual will be committing to the project during the academic year.

(Description of other cost sharing &endash; OPS, expense, travel, OCO, etc.) The college and department approve this commitment to the project if funded.

We hope that you will permit this exception to the University of Florida Cost Sharing Policy.


(Name of Principal Investigator)
(Title of Principal Investigator)


(Name of Department Chair)
(Title of Chairman)


Paul D'Anieri, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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