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The Culture of Joyce’s UlyssesThe Culture of Joyce’s Ulysses

by Brandon Kershner
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)
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Reading James Joyce’s Ulysses with an eye to the cultural references embedded within it, R. Brandon Kershner interrogates modernism's relationship to popular culture and literature. Addressing newspapers and “light weeklies” in Ireland, this book argues that Ulysses reflects their formal innovations and relationship to the reader. Ultimately, Kershner offers a corrective to formal approaches to popular literary genres, broadening the spectrum of methodologies to incorporate social and political dimensions.

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Saison en Enfer Yon Sezon MatchyavelUne Saison en Enfer Yon Sezon Matchyavel

Arthur Rimbaud
edited and translated by
Benjamin John Hebblethwaite, Jacques Pierre
Fabrice Policard, Mathilde Lala, Audrey Viguier (Translators)
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
(L'Harmattan, 2010)
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This book offers Arthur Rimbaud’s tumultuous prose poem of 1873, 'Une saison en enfer' (A Season in Hell), in the French original with the Haitian Creole translation, 'Yon sezon matchyavèl,' on facing pages and it includes a 35 page bilingual introduction. This powerful literary text is rooted in the love affair, both creative and violent, of the younger Arthur Rimbaud and the poet Paul Verlaine. Their love affair is the basis of Rimbaud's poetic creation which strives to be piercing, hallucinatory and mysterious. Rimbaud wrote this masterpiece at the age of 19 while recovering from a gun-shot wound inflicted by the jealous Verlaine. The work reveals the traumas of his personal life and it provides a unique and personal vision of France, Europe and colonialism in the late nineteenth century. Rimbaud’s writing embodies an intense creativity which constitutes for the poet the only response to pain, alienation and confusion.

This book provides the French original and the Haitian Creole translation on facing pages in order to give readers the means to compare the languages and to see how the cultural and idiomatic expressions in the source text were rendered in the Haitian Creole target text.

This volume is designed for students, scholars and lovers of French and Haitian Creole. For all those who want to immerse themselves in French or Haitian Creole, the bilingual format is ideal for accelerated study .

- Publisher

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