Book Beat: November 2001

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Liberation Sociology

Liberation SociologyJoe R. Feagin and Hernán Vera, Department of Sociology
(Westview, 2001)
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Joe R. Feagin and Hernan Vera argue that citizen action can be assisted by what they call "liberation sociology"—a tool that can dramatically increase democratic participation in the production and implementation of knowledge and the creation of better human societies. Liberation sociology takes the perspective of those seeking liberation from oppressive conditions—the majority of the world's people. Its aim is to assist those struggling to eliminate all forms of human oppression. Liberation Sociology offers both a theoretical analysis and case studies of liberation social science as reflected in actual practice and explains that the same sociological methods used to defend oppression can be used instead to liberate human beings.

- Publisher

"In this unique book, Joe R. Feagin and Hernán Vera show that sociology can make a vital contribution to human freedom and well-being. Drawing on many practical contributions of sociological researchers and activists, they offer an inspiring vision of the field and its possibilities. This crucial text will be adopted in courses everywhere."

—Howard Winant, Professor of Sociology
Temple University

Modern Greece

Modern Greeceby Thomas W. Gallant, Department of History
(Arnold, 2001)
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Modern Greece is a concise history of the rich and varied experience of Greece and the Greeks over the past two centuries, from the era of independence until the present day. It dwells on forces that have shaped the country and its people, examining both the immediacy of great events and those generally slower currents in society such as urbanization, economic development, modernization, and cultural change. As befits its almost unique geographical situation astride the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, Greece has always been a complex amalgam of peoples and influences. But of course the "Greek World" has for long meant far more than just the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula. The experience of the Diaspora has been a crucial element in the development of Greece and Greek society. So, too, have relations with Europe and the United States. Drawing on the latest scholarship, particularly in history and anthropology, but also in archaeology, sociology and political science, Gallant gives a portrait of the Greek past that is wise, well-rounded and provocative.

- Publisher

The Trinity Guide to the Bible

The Trinity Guide to the Bibleby Richard H. Hiers, Department of Religion
(Trinity Press International, 2001)
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The Trinity Guide to the Bible is a concise, authoritative and accessible guide for readers from any religious tradition or from none at all; for readers familiar with the Bible or reading it for the first time; for readers who want to read just one book or the whole Bible; and for readers studying independently or in a group or class. For each book from Genesis to Revelation (along with the Old Testament Apocrypha), The Trinity Guide provides a summary of basic features, a highlight of significant passages, historical setting, related events of biblical history, literary features and central religious themes.

- Publisher

"Hiers not only presents concisely a wealth of information about the Bible as a whole and the highlights of each of its books, but identifies historical criticism's major conclusions as well."

—Leander E. Keck, Yale Divinity School

"An extremely useful, accurate, concise and well-informed guide to the Bible. The author has treated historical matters, theology, scholarly and literary concerns about the Bible in one volume."

—James F. Strange, University of South Florida

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