Book Beat: September 2001

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Statistical Inference

Statistical Inferenceby George Casella, Department of Statistics, and Roger L. Berger
(Duxbury, 2001)
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This book builds theoretical statistics from the first principles of probability theory. Starting from the basics of probability, the authors develop the theory of statistical inference using techniques, and concepts that are statistical and are natural extensions and consequences of previous concepts. Intended for first-year graduate students, this book can be used for students majoring in statistics who have a solid mathematics background. It can also be used in a way that stresses the more practical uses of statistical theory, being more concerned with understanding basic statistical concepts and deriving reasonable statistical procedures for a variety of situations, and less concerned with formal optimality investigations. Among the book’s many benefits are updated and expanded exercises in all chapters, and updated and expanded Miscellanea including discussions of variations on likelihood and Bayesian analysis, bootstrap, "second-order" asymptotics, and Monte Carlo Markov chain.

- Publisher

Handbook of Interview Research: Context and Method

Handbook of Interview Research: Context and Methodedited by Jaber F. Gubrium, Department of Sociology, and James A. Holstein
(Sage Publications, 2001)
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The Handbook of Interview Research offers a comprehensive examination of the interview in the context of a challenging postmodern environment. Encyclopedic in breadth, the Handbook provides expert discussions of the conceptual and methodological issues surrounding interview practice in relation to forms of interviewing, new technology, diverse data-gathering and analytic strategies, and the various ways interviewing relates to distinctive respondents. This engaging presentation guides the reader from an understanding of the interview as an instrument for gathering data, to reflections on the process at the cutting edge of information technology, to how it will shape the information we gather about individuals and society.

- Publisher

"While the book certainly contains many useful pointers on practical methodological issues, this book casts practical methods within a nuanced theoretical framework. These chapters help locate aspects of interviewing within their theoretical, phenomenological, interactional, and organizational contexts. Even those with extensive experience as interviewers, interview subjects, or interview consumers are likely to learn from these thoughtful essays."

—Joel Best, Professor and Chair of Sociology
University of Delaware.

Essentials For Speech-Language Pathologists

Essentials For Speech-Language Pathologists  by Betsy Partin Vinson, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
(Singular, 2001)
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Ideal for graduate students transitioning to professional practice, this comprehensive resource covers the "nuts and bolts" of speech-language pathology. The text covers professional issues with ASHA guidelines and practice standards, followed by case law and legislation that dictates professional practice in educational and healthcare settings, completed by a review of the most communicative disorders and corresponding assessment and treatment guidelines. This all-inclusive manual is recommended reading for students and professionals who are preparing to take the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology. It provides novice professionals with a quick reference for many disorders faced in the workplace and addresses three primary areas: professional issues relating to daily issues; case law and legislation; and disorders. The book also includes essential information on the clinical practice of speech-language pathology, and handy tables, guidelines, and resources on all aspects of professional practice.

- Publisher

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