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Book Beat: May 1998

Recent publications from CLAS faculty.

Double Burden: Black Women and Everyday Racism

Double Burden: Black Women and Everyday RacismYanick St. Jean and Joe Feagin, Department of Sociology(M.E. Sharpe, 1998)
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Drawing on more than 200 interviews, this book examines the complex family, social, and workplace lives of African American women in several regions of the United States. This is the first book to deal in-depth with the lives and experiences of these women, told in their own words, as they see and experience them. Revealed here are not only stories of encounters with obstacles, racist attitudes, and prejudicial actions and opinions, but also methods that many have adopted for overcoming barriers, through the development of an array of survival and countering strategies, which the authors refer to collectively as an oppositional culture, rooted in the family structure and sustained and transmitted via collective memory through the centuries. Some will find the book depressing, others will find it uplifting, but all will welcome the candor and passion with which these women (and some men) describe their lives.

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As we have underscored throughout this book, in our racist system African American women and men are frequently not recognized for who they really are. Their talents, accomplishments, and burdens are often invisible to many whites. It would be disconcerting enough if the white failure to recognize the full humanity and life experiences of black women - and of the black family - were confined within the borders of the United States. However, the U.S. mass media's globalization of the deformed portrayals of African Americans is a major source of concern for a high school principal in a southern city: "It's absolutely amazing about how Hollywood and New York have actually killed the black family and the black image to the whole world, since Britain gets our TV and things like that - and Australia." Many videotapes of movies and television programs portraying black Americans in a negative light are shown around the world every day of the week. In this way people across the globe who have never met an African American pick up the hoary racist stereotypes crafted in America.

A Rush of Dreamers:  Being the remarkable story of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

A Rush of Dreamers:  Being the remarkable story of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of MexicoJohn Cech, Department of English 
(Marlowe, 1998)
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In San Francisco, a city famous for its eccentrics, the most celebrated of all was Joshua Norton who, in 1859, declared himself Emperor of the United States. One of the original '49ers, Norton made and lost a fortune (and a good portion of his reason) during those rough and ready first years of the "instant" city that grew out of the sand dunes of Yerba Buena. Until his death in 1880, the Emperor presided over the public life of San Francisco. Dressed in his fabled uniform with its plumed hat, Norton made his daily rounds of the city; he attended its civic functions, inspected its progress, issues proclamations, including one that called for the construction of a bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. Norton I became one of San Francisco's most publicized attractions; and he remains a presence that still lingers in the Bay, where hotel suites and inns, a sightseeing boat, and even a brand of coffee and cigars have been named in his honor.

- Publisher


Like I said, I remember him when he was fresh off the boat, when he set his first foot down on these shores.....He wasn't the Emperor then to be sure, just Joshua Norton, from Algoa Bay at the tip of Africa, thirty-one years old, an Englishman, a Jew, and a man itching to get ahead, like all others, Hebrew, gentile, or oriental, who had braved the sea or land to reach this place. He had brought forty thousand dollars with him to start himself off, I later learned, all that was left to him by his father, poor man, who had died in England trying to find a rabbi to bring God's ancient word back to Africa. Not long after that Norton lost his mother as well, and his two brothers, Louis and Philip, in the few years before he came. There was nothing to keep him there. No sweetheart, no friends. Only sad memories which he'd rather leave.

Statistical Tests for Mixed Linear Models 

Statistical Tests for Mixed Linear ModelsAndre I. Khuri, Department of Statistics, Thomas Matthew and Bimal K. Sinha 
(John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998)
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In recent years a breakthrough has occurred in our ability to draw inferences from exact and optimum tests of variance component models, generating much research activity that relies on linear models with mixed and random effects. This volume covers the most important research of the past decade as well as the latest developments in hypothesis testing. It compiles all currently available results in the area of exact and optimum tests for variance component models and offers the only comprehensive treatment for these models at an advanced level.

- Publisher


The book is intended to provide the state of the art with regard to its subject area. Researchers in analysis of variance, experimental design, variance components analysis, linear models, and other related areas can benefit from its comprehensive coverage of the statistical literature. The book can therefore be very useful to graduate students who plan to do their research in the area of mixed models.

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