Book Beat: December 1997

Butterfly Gardening Butterfly Gardening

by Thomas C. Emmel, Department of Zoology
(Friedman/Fairfax Publishers, 1997)
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Bring butterflies to your own backyard by creating a buttefly garden with the help of renowned lepidopterist Dr. Thomas C. Emmel. Butterfly Gardening takes you step by step through choosing plants to attract the butterflies in your area, arranging them to fit your garden and their needs, and maintaining your garden once you have established it. Beyond the garden's creation, Butterfly Gardening will teach you how to identify your new visitors with handy tips and a beautiful photograph gallery of butterflies. With the help of Butterfly Gardening, you can establish a fun hobby and a gorgeous refuge for you and your winged friends to enjoy.

- Publisher


So, while butterfly conservation may not have been the starting point for your venture into butterfly gardening, you can see by this brief series of examples how individuals can make a difference, and how by planting the food plants of butterflies, both for their larvae and adult stages, you can bring back a species even on the verge of extinction.

Florida's Famous ButterfliesFlorida's Fabulous Butterflies

by Thomas C. Emmel, Department of Zoology. Photographs by Brian Kenney
(World Publications, 1997)
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The word "butterfly" was probably inspired by the buttery yellow color of the Brimstone, a very common European butterfly. The Brimstone is a relative of the sulphurs found in Florida and is one of the first European butterflies to appear in the spring.

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