Book Beat: March 1997

From Two Republics to One Divided: Contradictions of Postcolonial Nationmaking in Andean Peru   From Two Republics to One Divided: Contradictions of Postcolonial Nationmaking in Andean Peru

by Mark Thurner, Department of History
(Duke University Press, 1997)
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From Two Republics to One Divided examines Peru's troubled transition from colonial viceroyalty to postcolonial republic from the local perspective of Andean peasant politics. Thurner examines the paradoxes of a resurgent Andean peasant republicanism during the mid-1800s and provides a critical revision of the meaning of republican Peru's bloodiest peasant insurgency, the Atusparia Uprising of 1885.

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From Napolean to Bismarck, nineteenth-century autocrats sought to create and seal patriotic allegiance to an emerging nation-state through infantry wars against neighboring Others. The drums of war and the defense of fatherland or homeland (patria) might, in the conflict approach to nationbuilding, unite an emergent nation otherwise divided by ethnic and class differences. Such an external opportunity to unite the nation in the common defense of homeland had presented itself uninvited at Peru's front door when Chilean troops came knocking in 1879.

Organic Voice Disorders: Assessment and Treatment

Organic Voice Disorders: Assessment and Treatment edited by Wm. S. Brown and Betsy Vinson, Department of Communication Processes and Disorders and Michael Crary
(Singular Publishing Group, Inc., 1997)
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Organic Voice Disorders: Assessment and Treatment is an edited textbook for individuals who have an interest in studying human voice production. It is intended to be a definitive text that reflects the current trends in prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.

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Most adults are aware, in a general way, of the function of the respiratory tract, through which air flows to and from the lungs. They recognize that this airway is composed of the mouth, nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, and lungs. Observation and incidental study have revealed that vocal sound is produced when the vocal folds, which are located in the larynx, are set into vibration by the breath during exhalation.

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