Bookbeat: October 1996

The News Revolution in EnglandThe News Revolution in England: Cultural Dynamics of Daily Information

C. John Sommerville, Department of History
(Oxford University Press, 1996)
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The News Revolution in England is the first book to analyze the essential feature of periodical media, which is their periodicity. It looks at the history of journalism from an entirely different angle - the effect of the medium rather than the intentions of the journalists. It will be of interest to historians of England, journalism, and news, along with anyone interested in how the media shapes our world and how we come to relate to it.

- Publisher


There is a common saying that, whoever discovered water, it wasn't a fish. That is how we are with periodical news. Daily news is the element in which we swim, so we think of it as a part of nature. For many of us, having news daily seems necessary to being socially conscious, much less "informed." We can hardly imagine a time, a little more than three centuries ago, when there was not a daily budget of published news from all over.

Ein Haus aus Sprache: Dramatikerinnen und das andere Theater

(A House of Language: Women Dramatists and the Other Theater)
Helga Kraft, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
(Metzlerische Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1996)

Ein Haus aus Sprache offers a missing overview of the works by German-speaking women dramatists past and present. It begins with the achievements of the first German dramatist in the 10th century, Hrotsvith von Gandesheim, and ends with the Tanztheater of the nineties, Pina Bausch. The book shows that there always existed a theater in which women were not passive or victims, and it attempts to reveal a deconstruction and reconstruction of gender on stage.

- Author

Excerpt (Translated)

Few people know that Charlotte von Stein (1742-1827) wrote drama. Is this the same Frau von Stein who acquired fame through her long and interesting acquaintanceship with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?...Her plays are especially remarkable because of the depiction of women who are strong, political figures and are able to provide their countries with a superior government compared to the typical hierarchical male domination.

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