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CLAS Ambassadors

2011/2012 Spotlight
Jack Stacey
CLAS Ambassador Class of 2011, 2012

Jack Stacey

Jack graduated from the University of Florida May 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Pre-Professional track. Jack chose to be an ambassador for CLAS as a way to be involved at the University of Florida, and especially to make the experience for new CLAS students more personal and give them a sense of connection to the college. He has talked about how being an ambassador helped make the college smaller and more personal for him, and this excited him about being a CLAS student. Jack did not start as a CLAS student, and mentioned that one of the reasons he changed to a CLAS major was that he was seeking opportunities to diversify his education and explore different areas outside his primary interest. CLAS afforded him the ability to choose "out of the box" courses that enhanced his educational experience. As a pre-medical student, this was important to Jack. Among some of Jack's unique experiences, he has hiked the Appalachian Trail March 2010 through August 2010 and he was accepted in the first inaugural RUUM (Rural and Urban Underserved Medicine) program at UF's College of Medicine. Jack was drawn to this program after his study abroad program in Kenya and from his experience of medicine at an intimate level. This has further fueled his desire to serve. Similar to his reason for choosing to be an ambassador, he is constantly looking for ways to give back to his community, and UF's RUUM program was a chance to continue that endeavor. He is currently in his first year in UF's College of Medicine this fall term.

"Don't waste your opportunities. Seek fulfillment through the opportunities of the privileged position you are in."—Jack Stacey

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